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Fachübersetzungen seit 2001


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Prices for Translations:

Our prices are calculated fairly according to difficulty and time invested in the project. Because we make a point of working efficiently, it is possible to save quite a bit especially for longer-term customers.

Our rates start at €1.20 a line for general texts (i.e. normal texts without technical terms) depending on the complexity of the layout. A standard line consists of 55 characters including spaces.

Specialist texts generally require more research, so our rates are higher (from €1.40 a line). In order to guarantee the highest quality of the target text, comprehensive research and correction are often necessary.

In order to quote you a price for the translation of certificates (marriage certificates, birth certificates, divorce certificate etc.), we kindly ask that you send me the certificates so that we can make you an offer. Prices are generally between €35 to €50. However, depending on the length of the certificates in question, more work may be necessary.
We offer discounts for longer texts. Higher costs are to be expected for stylistically demanding texts.
We add an additional 25% to 50% for express orders.
The prices listed are merely for orientation. The actual price of each text can vary depending on type and urgency. To get a price quote, please send us your texts (or at least a representative excerpt) by email or fax.

Prices for software localization and terminology work are calculated according to the time invested in the project. They vary depending on the length and difficulty of the order.


Prices for Interpretation:

Interpreting, for example at government agencies, in court or at conferences, is paid according to the time required. The rate for travel time is 70% of the normal rate. We negotiate the prices for interpretation individually.

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