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Fachübersetzungen seit 2001

General Terms And Conditions

1. General

These General Terms of Business apply to all of the business conducted with our clients. The client hereby accepts the terms and conditions hereunder, which shall apply for the duration of the contractual relationship between the parties. They shall therefore also apply to future transactions. The client's general terms and conditions shall be binding on us only in the event that we have expressly confirmed them.

2. Order Placement

The client shall issue the orders electronically or by any other means. In the interest of smooth cooperation, informal orders shall be accepted. Any problems resulting from this, however, are at the client's expense. The client shall inform us of the target language of the text as well as any particular terminology demands. The client may inform us of the intended use of the translation. This is important if the translated text is to be published or printed. The client can choose among several file formats for the translation. We are not liable for delays or poor completion due to an unclear, incorrect or incomplete order.

3. Completion by a Third Party

We may include third parties for the completion of all assignments if we believe it to be necessary. We are only liable for careful selection of the third party, namely that we shall engage a sworn translator/interpreter. The client may upon consultation contact the third party engaged by us directly. The business relationship always exists only between the client and the translation agency.

4. Terms of Delivery

Delivery dates shall be specified by the client. They can always only be estimated deadlines. Delivery is considered to have been made as soon as the translation has been sent to the client.

5. Disruption, Force majeure, Closing and Limitation of the Operation, Network and Server Errors, Viruses

We shall not be liable for damage that occurs due to force majeure, e.g. natural events and traffic jams, network and server errors, any other line malfunctions or transmission failures and any other hindrances, which we cannot be held responsible for. In such exceptional cases, we have the right to withdraw from the contract in whole or in part. We are also not liable for damage due to viruses. For deliveries of files by email, remote data transmission (modem) or any other remote transmission, the client is responsible for the final verification of the transmitted files and the texts. Related claims for damages cannot be recognized.

6. Liability

In case no special agreements on the requirements as to quality for the translation have been made, it will be executed to the translator's best knowledge and belief completely and correctly for the purpose of information. If the client does not raise any objections in writing within 5 days (receipt by us) of receiving of the translation, the translation shall be considered to be accepted. In this case the client waives his/her title in all claims which might arise from possible errors in the translation. If the client finds an existing error within these 5 days, this error shall be described as exactly as possible and we shall be given the opportunity to rectify it. This also applies to express orders. If such rectification proves to be demonstrably unsuccessful, the client has the right to request a reduction or change in the negotiated price. Further claims for compensation for damages due to non-fulfilment are excluded. Liability is in all cases restricted to the value of the order in question. We accept liability in the event of gross or deliberate negligence; liability in the event of minor negligence may only be deemed to occur in the event of infringement of principal contractual obligations. Deferred liability in the event of claims for damages by third parties is expressly excluded. We cannot accept responsibility for translation errors caused by incorrect or late information or documentation provided by the client, or by faulty or illegible (also partly) source texts. If the client does not state the intended use of the translation, then he/she cannot claim compensation for damage resulting from the fact that the text proves to be unsuited to the purpose. If the client fails to mention that the translation is intended for printing or if he/she does not send us a proof sheet prior to printing and prints without our release, then any fault will fully fall on the client.

7. Delay in Delivery, Impossibility, Withdrawal

The client has the right to cancel the agreement in the event of late delivery for which we are responsible only if the delivery date agreed upon has been unreasonably exceeded and the client has given us written notice stating a reasonable grace period.

8. Assignment

The assignment of rights under an agreement by the client requires our prior consent in writing.

9. Terms of Payment

Payment is due no later than 14 days after the invoice date. If the time allowed for payment is exceeded, conventional interest will be charged.

10. Reservation of Ownership

The delivered translation and the copyright thereto shall remain our property until all receivables have been fully paid.

11. Shipping, Transfer of Risks

Shipment or electronic transmission is at the client's risk. We are not liable for faulty transfer of the translation or its loss, nor for damage if they are not transmitted electronically.

12. Confidentiality

All texts are treated as confidential. We undertake to keep all information that we learn within the scope of our work for a client in the strictest confidence. Due to electronic transfer of texts and data between the client and us, we cannot guarantee the absolute confidentiality with regard to any information or other confidential data. It cannot be excluded that unauthorized third parties can access the electronically transmitted texts.

13. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The contractual relationship between the client and us is subject to German law. The sole place of jurisdiction for any and all disputes for both parties is the Regional Court Hamburg, Germany.

14. Effectiveness

The validity of the rest of these terms and conditions remains intact should one or more parts of these be deemed ineffective at any time.

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